Wounded Warrior Sounds The Alarm Concerning Abuse Of Dogs In VA Labs


Wounded warrior Johnny “Joey” Jones has gone public with first-hand information on the abuse of dogs in VA labs across the country.

He claims that while he was in rehabilitation in a VA hospital, he gathered evidence that the Department of Veterans Affairs is using dogs as test tubes.

This pained him because while at war, Joey worked alongside a bomb-sniffing dog named “Tucker” who he says constantly reminds him of why the light inside him burns brighter than the darkness he withstood.

What’s Happening In Congress?

Congress unanimously passed legislation this past summer to defund VA research on dogs.

It was lead by Joey’s good friend and fellow double amputee, Rep. Brian Mast. Joey reinforces that he is not against animal research and neither is his buddy in Congress, but, the VA has been misleading and has chosen to hide the torturous means they’ve chosen to use in their dog experimentation.

The Navy Medical Corps Rear Admiral states, “dog testing is slow, expensive and rarely applies to humans.” The experiments aren’t helping wounded warriors at all.

The VA has spent millions of tax dollars to cut up dogs for research while refusing to approve service dogs to soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Why We Can’t Ignore This

Joey writes, “Despite the pain and suffering I ended while serving my country, I strongly believe that we, as a free nation, stand for lessening the pain and suffering in the world. This especially applies to dogs.”

Dogs are burying in next to soldiers at war and protecting them. They’re loyal. They save lives. Joey urges the world to remember that we are only protecting those who have already protected and who continue to.

“We cannot sustain a society that answers their selfless love with selfish torture,” said Joey.

Congress has introduced a bill called the PUPPERS Act, that would permanently end federal funding for experiments on dogs in VA labs.

Take pride in knowing you helped pass this into law!

Source  : dogsarea.net

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