Man Arrested Without Bail For Repeatedly Beating And Dragging His Dog

A man from Massachusetts was accused of repeatedly beating on his pitbull dog until the dog started to cough blood and limped in pain, the thought of that picture is enough to make you feel sick to the stomach, the poor dog was left in critical condition.

Mark Rodney Hurd, 22 years old, nearly killed the dog leaving him in this critical condition, hanging onto his life by a thread. Officers said that they found Mark Hurd dragging the poor dog across a driveway after they received a report the abuse from a concerned citizen.

Chief Steven Mazzie, of the Everett police said:

“It’s extremely disappointing to see this type of violence perpetrated on an animal especially a domesticated pet”

“The Everett Police Department takes these cases seriously and would like to remind the public to report abuse of this type if they witness it.”

Neighbours had seen the dog before and said that Chance was really “docile and friendly”

A few other people came forward to say that the utter pandemonium from the direction of his house woke them up Friday morning.

The police said that Chance was taken to a veterinary hospital as quickly as possible for emergency care.

Hurd was arrested and is being held accountable for his actions, in addition to his probation violation charges too, without the possibility of bail

of bail!

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