Dog Left To Die With Trash At Rec Center – Community Gathers Support

Here we have a really dreadful case of animal mistreatment, this doggie deserves the rest of his life knowing he is safe and loved, spoiled and days filled with fun! This is such an uplifting tale, in the end, of a community coming together to save the poor helpless victim.

Nikki Rubino with her roommate Rob Rossi left for the Cobbs Creek Rec Center at about 4:15pm on a Tuesday. Nikki had been tagged on Facebook, a post about a doggie found in the trash, at 63rd Street South, in a Dumpster!

They found something really awful indeed!

Nikki said: “When we got there, he couldn’t even move and I thought he was dead” – “I tugged on the small piece of string attached to his neck that attached him to a pole. He turned his head and gave me the saddest face.”

The Pit Bull mix breed dog was looking very sad, but his life signs were strong.

He was lay on the garbage bags and though he had strong signs of life he wouldn’t move from the bags…

Nikki went on to say:

“I had to crawl onto the trash pile to get close to him and pet his head”
“He was covered in flies and filth. As soon as I gained his trust, I untied him and he surprisingly wobbled over to my car and crawled into the front seat.”
“It was like he knew he was safe.”

The folks of Cobbs Creek named this dog ‘Charlie’, Charlie was now in safe hands at last! The rescuers rushed Charlie to Philadelphia Animal Hospital fast, 45 minutes, he is getting the treatment he needs there and is now on the road to recovery.

Amazing donations poured in through the “West Willy” Facebook group with the YouCaring page contributing to this, in under 2 hours there was more than $700 donated and ever increasing!

The Law Enforcement unit of the Pennsylvania Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ is carrying out an investigation to get to the bottom of what happened, let’s hope they are successful.

Charlie really left his mark on everyone that was part of the effort to save and care for him….

Renee Jeanine Ragno said:

“His eyes show so much sadness, no hope”

Another rescuer said:

“He so deserves a forever where he knows he’s safe, is loved, a bit spoiled and has fun!”

Charlie was so poorly that if he had been transferred to the PSPCA, from the Hospital, it could have severely impacted him, he stayed Wednesday night right into Thursday. Nicole Wilson, director of the PSPCA’s humane law enforcement team, understood the need for that continued care.

Nikka said:

“She said that it would be OK to leave him there as long as they could take forensic photos to start the cruelty case charges”

The hospital isn’t accepting donations for him but instead are caring for him for free and giving the donations to the City of Elderly Love: Save a Senior Pet, what a great thing they are doing!

The hospital said in their Facebook Post:

“It’s a terrible tragedy when innocent animals are treated in such a way, and we recognize that this is not an isolated incident”
“Charlie is a very sweet dog and is in stable condition.”

The search is well and truly on for the person or persons who left him for dead near the Cobbs Creek Rec. centre, the good thing is there are some positive leads already.

PSPCA’s director of public relations Gillian Kocher said:

“While he was not adopted from the PSPCA, it appears that he did have a microchip implanted here as part of our front clinic/vaccine clinic services.”
“Our officers will be investigating to find out more as to what happened, how he ended up in this condition, who his owners are and if charges will be in order.”
“We have good leads and are following up in those leads.”

Nikki said finally:

“It’s amazing to see two organizations working together on different ends of animal abuse all in Charlie’s best interest.”
“I’ve never had so many things fall into place like this, especially for a stray dog.”
“I think his story touched a lot of people and that’s really how it worked out.”

Let’s help them catch the perpetrators, share this storey and let’s hope that it helps catch them and bring them to justice!


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