Lost A Leg And Some Of Her Tail, Kisses Rescuers, But How Did She Survive?

One group of animals that are always at risk of injury from people and vehicles are Strays, the way they shoot across the street to find a place to shelter, or a tasty garbage can of food to feed a hungry belly!

You definitely wouldn’t expect your average animal to be looking both ways before crossing, or have a hat for spare change to buy a decent meal!

This unmistakably leads to all kinds of problems, for the most part, death is a very likely end if they don’t get emergency care; after all, they don’t know where to go for help even.

There was one particular dog that did manage to live through being hit by a train, for all things to get hit by! Thank you to the fast action of the police officer, Kevin McCullen.

He received a call about a dog that had been hit by a train, it seemed like there wasn’t much hope…

When the officer arrived there ho found the dog, Molly, looking really worse for wear, and really not good after her terrible accident.

She had lost one leg and some of her tail too, she had suffered a huge loss of blood too.

Even after all the pain she was in the first reaction she had to Kevin was to give him a kiss.

Molly was brought to the Baltimore Animal Rescue, where at the shelter she was treated, cared for, and all her wounds tended to.

Now she is gradually making a recovery, getting better each day.

Just two weeks after the accident she is wagging that tail like a helicopter when anyone comes close.

For the moment she needs to stay with a foster carer, just until she has recovered enough to be adopted by her forever family.

Kevin’s at the front of the line for her, he wants to take this amazing and brave doggie home with him.

As it turns out she was so determined to hold on to her life that day that she didn’t ever give up, and because of this fight inside her, it really contributed to her living through the whole ordeal. Thank you also to the Officers for the fast response!

But no matter who does get to adopt this lovely brave dog, she will be loved and live a wonderful life! Share away if you like this story as much as we do!

Source : http://doggiescare.com

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