Dog Sees Baby Deer Struggling In The Water And Immediately Springs Into Action

Animals primarily act on their instincts, and as a pet owner, you may not necessarily understand what’s triggered your four-legged friend and caused them to behave in a certain way. An animal’s mindset can be difficult to figure out.

Mark Freeley of Port Jefferson, Long Island, learned this firsthand while walking his two dogs along the harbor one sunny afternoon. His golden retriever, Storm, suddenly darted out into the shallow water. Mark knew his dogs were full of energy and excitement, so he didn’t think much about Storm’s impulsive behavior.

That’s when Mark realized what was in the water, and his jaw dropped to the floor…

Pet owners don’t always understand why their animals act in certain ways. The minds of our four-legged friends can be nearly impossible to figure out, though one thing’s for certain: they act largely on their instincts. Long Island dog owner Mark Freeley experienced that firsthand one day recently…

It was a sunny afternoon, and Mark was taking his two pups for a stroll around the harbor near his home in Port Jefferson. His dogs loved to watch the boats sail in and out of the harbor. Suddenly, Mark’s golden retriever, Storm, leaped into the water next to them. Mark assumed Storm was hot and wanted to cool off.

As Mark watched Storm swim, he realized his dog had something large in his mouth. He couldn’t quite make out what it was, but this was no ordinary refreshing dip; Storm had actually caught something! As his dog returned to the shore, Mark realized what the object was, and he couldn’t believe his eyes…

Storm pulled the fawn onto the shore and carefully laid it in the sand. The deer was still alive, but Mark could tell she was in shock. He had no idea how long the poor animal had been struggling to stay afloat in the harbor.

Storm stayed with the fawn while she was recovering, gently nudging her every few minutes to make sure she was okay. Meanwhile, Mark called Strong Island Rescue, a local animal organization, to help. The fawn, however, was startled by the rescue team’s arrival…

She was so scared that she actually darted right back into the water! Luckily, she didn’t get too far into the harbor this time around. Frankie Floridia, one of the workers at Strong Island Rescue, quickly followed the fawn and gently scooped her up into his arms.

Amidst the frantic chase into the harbor, Frankie actually injured his knee. Still, he was all smiles as he carried the startled deer back to shore. Frankie then handed her over to Erica Kutzing, a fellow worker from Strong Island Rescue, so she could dry her off in their van.

Storm is one amazing dog with some great life-saving instincts. Thanks to him, a life was saved that day. What a hero!

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