Puppies Found Thrown In The Bin In Freezing Temperatures, Like Trash – Saved!

As a dog rescuer you think that you might be a little hardened to the awful things you see daily, but for a case like this, there is no preparation at all…

This recent incident really got Stacey Silverstein’s back up, Stacy has been a rescuer for 10 years, but this rescue, finding ten puppies in a bin outside in the cold really made her blood boil!

Stacy said: – “They were left in that bin like trash …They were just thrown in there — piled like garbage, thrown in like trash. There was no care, no respect. Awful.”

Stacy is a co-founder of the dog rescue center ‘Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’ and it’s her daily mission to rescue animals like this, but what a sad sight it was seeing those puppies in the trash like that!

It all happened this Sunday when a worker in the rural shelter in Del Rio in Texas opened the door and found the trash bin with the puppies close to the entrance.

Just to lake the matter completely worse, it was a blisteringly cold day, around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. If the puppies had been in that trash bin just a little longer it could have been fatal!

The puppies were practically on death’s door, they were quite sick and skinny, as well as completely cold!

Stacy said:

“We thought that they were like a week or two old, but in fact, they’re 3 or 4 weeks old …They’re so malnourished, they look like they’re a week old.”

A volunteer at the shelter wrote a post about the puppies on Facebook, it didn’t take long for it to spread, in fact, it spread to a woman called Leslie Ysuhuaylas, who happens to volunteer for ‘Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’, Texas.

Help then came very fast because Leslie came to pick-up the puppies so they could all be taken into a good loving foster home. Just one of the puppies died sadly, but all the others are hanging on and getting stronger!

Stacy said:

“They look good; they’re in great hands and they’ve had medical treatment …One is not doing well, so (the foster mom is) basically carrying that one wherever she goes.”

Stacy said that it really won’t be that long before the puppies can be adopted, they need to gain their strength and be in good health, and of course have some growing up to get done too!

Stacy said that when the puppies are ready to go she will, with her rescue partner Jackie O’Sullivan, move the puppies to New York ready to find the best homes, forever homes!

We wish you the very best little puppies and really hope you find awesome forever homes!

Source : doggiescare.com

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