Senior dog left by his family was discovered depressed on the streets and begs for food

Ray is an 8-year-old Labrador Retriever was found by himself on the streets of Torrance, California, after being evicted from his home by family members. The eyes of Ray were grim and filthy. The weight of his stomach had made his body thin and skeletal, and his coat was missing in a few places.

It’s devastating for a pet to be left alone by its family. Family members might not want to take care of an old or sick dog however they aren’t aware of the amount of pain it can result in for the dog when it is abandoned.

After being abandoned by his family, the 8-year-old Labrador Retriever Ray was found wandering alone on the streets of Torrance, California. His eyes were sad and crusty. Hunger had rendered his body skeletal-thin, and his coat-fur was missing in places.

Ray was rescued by workers at the Carson Asylum in California. The shelter volunteers helped Ray gain back a number of his health, but he remained depressed. Soon, he was put up for adoption. It seems that the preference for advanced dogs is very low.

Update: Ray has been adopted! Ray’s love for humans hasn’t changed one bit. He still responded enthusiastically to everyone.amorously. Seeing him so sad and dejected in the video just broke our hearts. We hope Ray nurses back his spirits fast and continues to be showered amorously and care. Click the video below to observe Ray’s heartbreaking rescue

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