The Cutest Pit Bull stood in line to Shop For Ice Cream Like Everybody Else

How is he so patient and well trained? can be! …!

The adorable pit bull was hanging out at her residence when she heard an Ice cream truck approaching and she was completely confused!

The dog got very exuberant as she ran to the vehicle and stood in line with all the other dogs with her owner standing right next to her. When it was her turn she was staring at the window , waiting for the sweet treats. when she finally received it, she devoured everything in just a few seconds , and then took another bite.

The fact that she ate the whole cone of ice cream may have made her brain a freeze, however she’s extremely well mannered. What a good boy. I wish that all kids behaved as he did.

This is a pitbull to you! The most adorable, well-mannered canines on earth. Every dog is special however, the pitbull is the top honors in the category of unique.

Watch the video below :

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