A brave pit bull saves his owner from being strangled by an intruder

Dogs are amiable and like human company. Dogs are wonderful companions for humans and have been for generations. Dogs are a man’s closest friend because they would do everything to save their human’s life. The video below demonstrates this.

When Susan Bandera of Australia woke up at 4 am one night, she found a man standing in her room. She claimed that he attacked her and tried to strangle her. At that moment, she thought she was about to die. But then Caesar rushed to the rescue.

The dog burst into the room and attacked the man, stopping the alleged potentially fatal assault.

Caesar recognized his mother’s cry for help, so he attacked the intruder. This pulled the man away from Bandera, giving her time to escape into the bathroom. From there, she called the police for help.

Caesar the pit bull saved his owner during an alleged attack in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Caesar bit the man many times as he ran out of the house in a panic. He left a trail of blood behind, which helped the police locate him. As it turns out, his name is Peni Naiserelagi, and he knew Bandera ahead of time. He had rented a room from her a while back but was kicked out for an unknown reason. Friends of Naiserelagi claimed that Bandera kept his passport when she kicked him out. It’s unclear if that’s true, but it could possibly be related to the break-in.

Regardless of what happened between Bandera and Naiserelagi, one thing is for sure: Caesar is a hero. He immediately recognized that his mom was in trouble, so he did what he had to do. Bandera and her family are extremely grateful for the pup because he likely saved her life that night.

“I’m really proud of him. He is such a good boy. I couldn’t be happier with how he reacted,” said Bandera’s daughter, Natasha.

Naiserelagi was charged with breaking and entering, as well as assault with intent to murder. He tried to apply for bail but was refused. He will appear in court on October 15th.

Hopefully, Caesar has shown the world how loyal and devoted a dog can be, regardless of its breed. Caesar clearly loves his mom very much and his brave actions proved that. It leads us to wonder if our dogs would do the same in the event of an emergency.

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