A Dying Pit Bull Had Given Up Hope When Kids Discovered Him In The Grass Just In Time

A group of kids spotted a hurt dog on the side of the road and called 911, saving the dog’s life! Russ Harper, a humane police officer with Justice Rescue, arrived to pick up the young Pit Bull and discovered him cold and lifeless.

Harper thought the dog was actually dead until he saw a sign of life.

Harper rushed the dog he named Remi to Keystone Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Havertown, PA. The young dog had been repeatedly used as a bait dog by dog fighters, and was covered in bite marks.

The Pit Bull is fighting a severe infection and is showing signs of getting better, but is not out of the woods yet.

Remi is being monitored around the clock by the vet clinic. “He is still struggling,” writes Justice Rescue. “But I think we can see that his mama nurses are taking very good care of this world wide hero.”

Meanwhile, Justice Rescue is offering a $1000 reward to find those responsible for hurting Remi. Anyone with information can report it anonymously at or by calling 215-942-6363.

I hope Remi makes it! And a big “thumbs up” to the children who called 911 to rescue this poor dog!
Share Remi’s rescue with your family and friends and help the rescuers get justice!

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