Adorable Pitbull Puppy Gets Her First Bath in The Sink

Adorable Pitbull Puppy Gets Her First Bath in The Sink

There are important moments in our lives that we can’t let go of as pet owners. It could be the first time we take our dogs home and the very first moment we let them cuddle us as well as the many precious moments we get to share with them for the first time them. However, there’s the bathing time for the first time which is an unknown how much they’ll love it or dislike it.

When Lucy was a puppy of 7 weeks when she returned to her first home by the parents. Naturally, one of most important things that she was given upon arrival was the luxury of a bath. The results were adorable.

On the clip, tiny Lucy is shown getting tossed in the sink. Her eyes seem a bit nervous initially however she doesn’t resist the sink. The owner begins bathing her but, more than anything the dog seems confused.

However, she’s a great girl who is very quiet and serene. The pup was very calm and an excellent girl to let herself get bathed. It’s not every puppy who is so nice in bath time behavior. In addition they typically splash around and leave quite a mess. But they’re not Lucy.

Watch the incredibly chilled out puppy’s bath time in the video below:

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