After a visit to the dog’s dentist the dog offers his owner the quiet treatment

Nobody likes visiting the dentist. This is also true for dogs. It’s not as exciting as an excursion for a walk at the park or hamburger joint.

At the end that when Fritz’s mother, Bret Mortimer, drives him to his appointment for dental care, She doesn’t let him know the exact location. Imagine his shock when he enters an office of a doctor, and it’s not his usual doctor.

What a treachery!

It was difficult to leave Fritz for his teeth cleaning, but his mother understands the importance of dental care for dogs. It will maintain his teeth and gums healthy and prevent disease. Fritz will be able to live a long and happy life as a result of it.

Fritz, on the other hand, does not see it that way.

Bret picks up an irritated Fritz after his appointment. He doesn’t even look at mum, indicating that he loathed his dentist appointment. He looks straight ahead to make sure she understands he’s not paying attention to her.

Fritz has a lot of attitude, but we adore it! So amusing!

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