After an entire life of neglect, a sympathetic pit bull experiences freedom for the first time

 Aimee is one of the sweetest pit bull dogs on the planet, and if there’s one thing she wants you to know, it’s that you should never give up hope. Far friendlier than any breed basher would have you believe, even though she hasn’t had it easy, she’s still a lover through and through.

The sweet pit bull was brought to the Carson Animal Care Center in Carson, California in 2015.

Being that the shelter is overwhelmed with strays, this wasn’t good for Aimee. They are considered a “high-kill” shelter. This means a pup only has a small window to get adopted before they get put down instead. 


Poor Aimee was left at the shelter terrified, anxious, vulnerable, and suffering from a skin condition that caused her pain on top of it all.

Fortunately for the pit bull, a group of rescuers called Saving Carson Shelter Dogs took notice of Aimee. They couldn’t help but feel compelled to help the sweet girl.

The group’s M.O. is to film the dogs inside of the shelter walls and share it on social media. This helps to get each dog’s image out there and make sure people are aware that they’re available for adoption. The small boost in publicity has resulted in many different dogs getting adopted from the shelter. 


The rescue group uploaded a short video of the lovable pittie in her kennel to Facebook. She was so overjoyed to have visitors that it made everyone melt.

“AIMEE is adorable, short and the sweetest little baby! She is super cute and once her skin heals she is going to feel amazing! Please SHARE for her life, she needs a TEMPERAMENT TEST requested IN PERSON by an Interested Party before the Shelter will allow her to be saved,” the video description reads.

In addition to the video, the group also included several photos of Aimee. Among them was an adorable head-on view of the affectionate pittie cozied up on her favorite blanket. The post worked like a charm! Within a few days, the pit bull was excitedly waiting to meet her new forever family. 


As Aimee got to meet her new humans, one of her rescuers filmed her taking her first freedom steps out of her kennel.

She is so excited that she runs around to each person in her new family, giving them hugs and loves. Make no mistake, she’s got a lot of love to give, and she’s going to need it for her big new pack. In addition to walking away with a mom and dad, she also inherited 3 brothers! One of them got to hold her leash as she took her freedom walk. 


What was supposed to be a walk, though, quickly turned into a freedom run. The chubby little pit bull just couldn’t contain her joy.

“AIMMEE (PHOENIX) has to be the cutest little hippo that ever took her FREEDOM RUN out of the Shelter into the arms of her new family! Thanks to all of you SHARING, she is Safe tonight. Happy life AIMEE,” wrote the rescue group when they shared a video of her freedom run to Facebook. When the kind pit bull first came to the Carson Animal Care Center, it was obvious Aimee had a traumatic start in life. Her body was covered with scars and old wounds, and her ears had been cut off. All signs pointed to being abused and forced to fight. Even with all of that trauma, though, she managed to come out a sweet, loving, loyal dog. She deserved to find such a big, loving forever family, just as all dogs do. If you would like to donate to Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, you can visit them on Facebook.

To see Aimee take her first freedom run, watch the video below.

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