Basset Hounds Remain with Dying Baby Until Her Last Breath

5-month-old  Nora Hall experienced a terrible stroke that resulted in significant brain damage.

It was later discovered that she had been born with pulmonary hypertension. She didn’t have much time left. For the following three weeks, she was put in a medically induced coma.

Nora had won the hearts of her two dogs, Basset Hounds Gracie and Grumpy. “Gracie, in particular, stepped into the role of second mother,” Mary Hall told ABC News.Whenever Nora would cry, Gracie would run to see what was wrong. She was usually at Nora’s side, kissing her and making sure she was okay.

As the family prepared to say goodbye to Nora, The Children‘s Hospital in Minneapolis inquired if there were any final requests. “Yes,” responded Nora’s parents enthusiastically. They were curious whether their two dogs could say their last farewell to their newborn child.

“I asked, ‘If you could let us have our dogs [at the hospital], we’d really appreciate that,’” Hall said. “I didn’t want to go home and have them sniffing around for her and not knowing where she went. They lowered the bed so the dogs could lay with her and Gracie ran up and licked her.”

“It was really nice,” Mary said. “It brought us a lot of comfort.”

Gracie and Grumpy continue to comfort their family each and every day. Rest in peace, sweet Nora. Sl

ow your scroll– Watch the full story in the video below.

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