Couple in mourning for losing their beloved dog visit a shelter and decide to adopt an inseparable pair of pit bulls

There is nothing more tragic than losing a pet. Many do not understand the pain that pet owners and lovers go through. That’s why, after losing her dog at age nine, Kathryn Birster had no intention of moving forward. She and her husband were still in mourning; that’s understandable. couple


As Kathryn sat at her computer and scrolled through her social media feed, a photo of two cute dogs cuddling appeared. She read the article that told the story of the Pit Bulls duo named Bonnie and Clyde. They badly needed a home, but finding one where they could be together was a difficult task.

Reading the comments, it was clear that there was a lot of interest in Clyde, but none in Bonnie. It broke Kathryn’s heart. After everything she and her family had been through with their dog, she couldn’t imagine Bonnie alone. There was the possibility that the two of them would break up and that was unbelievable to Kathryn.

She then called her husband for help. However, he was not yet ready to go ahead and adopt again. “Besides, two dogs?! That’s a lot!” he said. As the days passed and Bonnie and Clyde were not adopted, Kathryn convinced her husband to pay a visit to the shelter.

When they met the dogs in person, it was as if this was all predestined. The Birsters knew it wouldn’t be an easy transition, but they also felt they had to open their hearts and home to the cute dogs.

They made the adoption official and took Bonnie and Clyde home the same day. The duo, aged three and four, certainly had a lot of energy. They were immediately thrilled to be inside a home again. You could see their fear and apprehension at the shelter, but now, in their final home, they could demonstrate their contagious personality.

Four years later, the family is still going strong. They all love to take walks together, and the puppies love toy puzzles. They are brilliant!

The best part: dogs that are really a pair are still together. If not even the suffering of living in a shelter separated them, nothing else will!

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