Dog is at funeral home to say final farewell to the loved owner

LANGLEY, Canada (WCMH) – A touching photo shows the moment a dog had the chance to say goodbye to her beloved owner.

Andy Baelieu raised 13-year-old Sadie from the time she was a puppy. When Baelieu died from a sudden heart attack, Sadie was by his side.

“After the paramedics could not revive and save Andy, Sadie laid down beside him and was snuggling his hand,” Jeremy May, president of Elements Cremation, Pre-Planning, & Burial, located in Langley, British Columbia, told Today.

“When he had passed away at home their dog Sadie would not leave his side. After the death, she showed signs of depression, would not eat and waited for him to come home every day,” the funeral home posted on Facebook.

In the 10 days after Baelieu’s death, Sadie lost 10 pounds.

Baelieu’s wife believed Sadie would benefit from saying goodbye and getting closure. After getting that chance, Sadie went home and ate her first meal since Baelieu’s death.

“There was this unbelievable sense of emotion and power in the room because everyone knew the importance of Sadie to Andy,” said May.

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