Dog left tied to bridge Railing The Dog Almost Quits Life, but Help is Immediately Available

When rescuers received a phone request for a dog to be attached to a bridge’s railing near the road, they quickly responded.
A man arrived on the scene carrying a bag of snacks, a leash, and some essential medical supplies. The things he discovered were tragic.
Someone was cruelly tying a hose around the dog’s neck and then employed a rope to secure the hose to the bridge’s railings.


The rope was so tight that the poor pup couldn’t even lay down comfortably or rest her head.

While her situation looked bleak, help had arrived, and the dog seemed to sense it. Despite what someone had put her through, she seemed incredibly happy to see a human and get attention. She had hope again!


The kind man gently untied the rope and then got to work taking the tubing off of her neck. It was attached securely, but he managed to break it free and checked her neck to make sure it was ok.

She seemed healthy and even happy – especially being free!

The dog was treated to a plate of food and some special play time in the grass.


Things could’ve ended badly for the poor girl, but instead, she got a second chance at life. We’re so glad she can live freely and be surrounded by people who love her.

Watch her rescue video below:

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