Dog Living On The Streets For 10 Years Rescued After She Is Seen On Google Maps

As soon as Patrick Pittenger and Jennifer Velasquez saw a dog on Google Street View they knew she needed help so they contacted Hope For Paws, writes pintiks

They told Eldad Hagar that he could look at the dog by simply using the google maps technology and, sure enough, there was Sonya.

After some sleuthing, Eldad discovered that Sonya had been living on the streets for 10 years!
Living homeless for that long had taken its toll on poor Sonya but by the video’s end it sure looks like Sonya was ready for the comforts of home! Fortunately, she was fostered and later adopted by Pittenger’s mom and is loving her new life!

I’m simply blown away on how Sonya was located and it’s so wonderful what everyone did to get her help!

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