Dog rescues baby dolphin and saves its life

“I was snapping photographs of the gorgeous landscape when I heard my dog yelling towards me from further down the beach… clearly she had found something!” the man stated in a YouTube video.

When he walked closer, he was able to see Leia had seen the stranded infant dolphin (or was it a baby porpoise?) on the sandy beach. While filming the rescue, this heroic volunteer samaritan gently led the infant back to the ocean.

“After that, I stayed at the location for a while to make sure he didn’t return. I called the coastguard when I received a signal, and they forwarded it to the science team. The savior remarked on YouTube, “I suppose the tiny boy got lucky because there was no one nearby for miles.”

He dubbed the newborn dolphin Buddy and took a snapshot of him once he was securely off and swimming again.

Of course, Leia, who saw another animal in need and notified her owner, was the true hero of the day. “… I would have missed him as well if it hadn’t been for my dog barking at me,” he stated on YouTube.

You did a fantastic job, gal!

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