Fearless Chicken Eats From Pitbull’s Lunch Box

Chickens are not at all cowardly. Chickens are very brave when they are taken to be slaughtered en masse in monstrously terrifying surroundings together with all their friends.

Some people want to keep chickens out of cities and suburban areas or are afraid to own chickens because they fear bird influenza. You’re more likely to get human flu or West Nile virus than bird flu, or avian flu.

The fact is, bird flu has been around for a long time. Wild birds carry many strains of bird flu, just as humans carry many strains of human flu. Outbreaks of bird flu have occurred among domestic poultry in the United States, but no incident so far has come from the dreaded H5N1or H7N9 strains, the ones responsible for disease and death in humans in Asia and some other parts of the world. Most strains of bird flu don’t infect humans.


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