Loving Pitbull Can’t Sleep Without His Little Girl Next To Him

The connection between this dog and the girl is excellent, they have been together for four years, and they can’t even sleep without each other.

Lebowski was adopted by the Geigers four years ago at the Priceless Pet Rescue animal shelter. Since then, Scarlett, the family girl, and the adorable 99-pound (44-kilogram) pit bull met, an incredible connection has emerged between them. After the house catches fire, a heroic pit bull drags a 7-month-old baby by her diaper.

Jennifer Geiger, Scarlett’s mother, told The Dodo that she was only ten weeks old when Lebowski arrived at her house and the little girl four years old. She immediately showed her love for the dog and vice versa.

Lebowski followed Scarlett everywhere; they had tea parties and watched her while she did her homework. But without a doubt, this cute pitbull’s favorite activity is sitting together.

Jennifer commented:

“Lebowski has cuddled up to nap with Scar since we brought him home. They relax together on the couch countless times.

When the dog was around eight months old, he began to disappear at night until they finally realized that he was hiding under Scarlett’s bed.

On one occasion, the woman opened the door to Scarlett’s room and found the dog next to the girl snoring comfortably, and since then, she has not stopped doing it.

“Wherever they sleep in this house, they are always together, and that’s all they care about.”

The woman has even filmed the sweet couple.

“We say ‘go to bed,’ and he goes straight to Scar and snuggles. It is the sweetest.

The puppy gets depressed when they are not together. For the family, the bond between them is extraordinary and they feel very happy that they are more united each day.

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