Meet ‘Praque’ With Batman Charisma That Comes Before Your Eyes When You Say Black Pitbull

Meet Praque, the black pitbull with Batman charisma, which we are accustomed to seeing on social media with the question “What would you name this dog if it were yours?”

Unfortunately, the pit bull is a misunderstood dog breed in public. These dogs, which are described with adjectives such as scary, monster, killer, actually have an extremely affectionate and friendly nature. It is a great injustice that these dogs are constantly vilified and targeted without knowing much about them. It must be a shame to see these dogs, who befriend and protect millions of people worldwide, as monsters. It is easy to blame these dogs, who fell into the hands of evil people and were tortured from infancy and forced to be aggressive. However, it goes without saying how loving and friendly pitbull dogs are, who grew up with the family in loving homes.

Today we will tell you about another loving pitbull. The name of this black pitbull, which is one of the most shared dogs on social media, is Prague. Praque is almost fascinated by his soft heart despite his charisma, nobility, playful nature, and angry appearance.
We usually see Praque in social media posts like this…

Siyah pitbull twitter paylaşımları - 4

People asked his photo, “If you had a dog like this, what would you name it?” He uses it in his posts.

Siyah pitbull twitter paylaşımları

The answer is usually “he names me, what’s wrong with me” or

Siyah pitbull twitter paylaşımları - 2

“He chooses his own name, who am I to name him?” is in the form.

Siyah pitbull twitter paylaşımları - 1

When you look at Praque’s charisma, the answers given are not too wrong.

Siyah pitbull twitter paylaşımları - 3

Praque, who has a bit of Batman and a bit of panther charisma, looks really majestic.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 10

‘Praque’ With Batman Charisma That Comes Before Your Eyes When You Say Black Pitbull

However, don’t be fooled by the fact that he looks so imposing and angry, he is actually a very docile, calm and playful dog.

Siyah Pitbull Praque

He’s used to crowded environments since he’s grown up with people and other dogs since he was a baby.

Praque ve arkadaşı oynuyor

It is never an aggressive dog, on the contrary, it is extremely friendly.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 1

Playing in the snow is his favorite thing.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 6

Another thing he loves is obviously posing.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 3

More charismatic in every photo,

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 4

more majestic,

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 8

It looks more imposing.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 9

With its strong physique and muscular structure, Praque is a dog that instills confidence in friends and fears in enemies.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 14

Prague, an American Pitbull Terrier.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 13

As with every dog breed known as Pitbull, terrier and bulldog dogs were developed by crossing them.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 7

Prague, like all pit bulls, has its valor and agility from terriers; it takes its power from the bulldog.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 12

But we don’t know where he got his charisma from.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 11

These looks, this black hair, this body structure and agility must come from somewhere.

Siyah Pitbull Praque - 5


Pitbull köpekler



Siyah Pitbull Praque - 2

Our hope is that we get a chance to see the real faces of these dogs, known as guard dogs, who are especially good with children. We can save all our pitbull friends before they become monsters at the hands of malicious people.

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