Pitbull with paralysis is taken from the shelter by his new adoptive father

If you think pit bulls are struggling to be adopted, imagine how difficult it must be for one who is disabled. Well, unfortunately, you don’t need to imagine it, keep reading. We will save you the heartache; after spending a lot of time in the shelter Sweet Potato, the Pitbull with paralysis in this story was finally taken out by his new adoptive father.

Sweet Potato was sadly paralyzed from her hind legs as a result of a spinal injury. Staff at the Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina, knew that finding a forever home would be a difficult, if not impossible, task.

A creative volunteer had a great idea. Start a campaign where staff members will take a selfie with the dog and tag it with the hashtag: #SelfiesWithSweetPotato.

The caring staff at the HSC took care of all the dog’s needs. They gave him acupuncture treatments and with the help of an organization called Gunnar’s Wheels Foundation, they even fitted him with a special wheelchair.

A couple of weeks later, the news that everyone had been longing for finally arrived. A man (who chose to remain anonymous) came and pounced on her dog to take her home with him.

Just watching as she carefully and compassionately led the paralyzed Pitbull out of the shelter that day shows how ready and willing she is to tend to all of Sweet Potato’s needs.

Below you can see Sweet Potato enjoying his new wheelchair:

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