Rescued Pitbull doesn’t stop smiling to show joy

Since he was adopted, this puppy doesn’t stop smiling: it’s the immense joy he’s feeling.

He doesn’t stop smiling and showing the friendship and gratitude he feels towards the tutors. This rescued puppy knew the difficulties of not having a home and now does not fail to demonstrate the joy of being safe and happy.

In most dog shelters, no matter how good the conditions, it is always tough to fulfill all the animals’ needs. Staff and volunteers are often understaffed and most are overcrowded. Needy animals are the main “customers” of these places.


Many dogs spend their entire lives waiting for an opportunity. Even in conditions much better than those seen on the streets, they realize that they can – and deserve – more: not much, just a little warmth and coziness.
The little dog in this story was lucky enough to know the other side of the coin. Rescued from the streets and finally adopted by a loving family, he doesn’t stop smiling, showing that happiness depends on very little – almost nothing, in the case of the furry ones.


Rescue and adoption

Meaty is a seven-year-old American Bully who was rescued from the streets of Fresno, in the Central Valley (California, USA). Upon arriving at the Fresno Bully Rescue shelter, the dog exhibited all the signs of a traumatized animal: he was fearful, insecure, extremely shy.

Very slowly, Meaty began to show symptoms that he was healing. He was getting used to living with humans, starting to trust them. The pitbull who lived hiding in the cages already accepted the presence and affection of the volunteers.


The dog spent two years in the shelter without any visitors being interested in him. It has to be said that for most of that time, Meaty avoided the presence of most people, reducing the chances of finding a candidate for a tutor.

Then he met Lisa Reilly. The Californian saw the puppy’s photos on the shelter’s website and decided to pay a visit initially without commitment: she intended to meet Meaty in person. But it was love at first sight.

Until then, Lisa didn’t believe she was in the emotional condition to adopt a new dog. She was still getting over the loss of Kitty, a dog of the same breed as Meaty, which had occurred three months before the date.


In an interview with The Dodo website, Lisa said that she remembers as if it were today when she met Meaty. It was a sunny California afternoon, and she found the pit bull lying at the entrance to the shelter in the blazing sun. Despite not liking strangers, the dog did not try to dodge.

“The shelter did a great job taking care of Meaty, but from the first time I saw him, I was attracted and felt like I could bring him home.”

The tutor realized that the bully had everything she wanted. Quickly, she provided the necessary documentation and took Meaty home the same day. She only stayed for a few hours in Fresno Bully Rescue.

The four-legged brothers warmly received the American bully: two pit bulls also rescued – Punky and Ricardo Tubbs (that’s the name of a detective from the series Miami Vice) – and the two elderly basset hounds of the family – Bitty and Dope. The family was complete because each one has a different personality, but they all add up to a happy home.

The first few days were tough, but nothing Lisa couldn’t workaround. The first morning, the tutor found a sea of chewed shoes when she woke up. Meaty didn’t interact much with the brothers (he tried to hide, actually), but soon he was jealous and wanted more attention.


In just a few weeks, Meaty was fully adapted to the new family routine – it shouldn’t be too difficult to play, run and share cuddles and licks, especially for someone who came from a history of abandonment.
But he never lost the habit of smiling. He opens a beautiful smile every time the tutor returns home, or when playing with his brothers and the human mother.

Lisa also discovered that Meaty loves photographs. He just needs to see a camera (he already knows that cell phones take pictures) to prepare a contagious smile. He likes to demonstrate the joy he feels at being welcomed, protected and loved.

Enchanted by the poses and smile of such a photogenic dog, Lisa has organized a page for Meaty on Instagram, where she shares the dog’s daily life. The photos are beautiful, and have already attracted more than 153,000 Internet users. The profile is updated almost daily.

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