Rescued Pitbull falls in love with a kitten and they don’t get apart anymore

Before they arrived at Maria’s house, Wesley and Wyatt had nothing. They now have a home, a caring owner, and another kind of inseparable brother. They demonstrate that canines and felines may be best buddies.
Wesley, a pit bull who had spent most of his life in an animal shelter without a family due to his scary appearance, arrived at his owner Maria’s home and immediately proved to be an excellent pet.

This dog defied all stereotypes about his breed by being loving, obedient, and extremely friendly, and his owner is overjoyed to have met him and welcomed him into her family.

And while Mary trusted the kindness of her dog, it was put to the test when Wyatt arrived, a kitten who was also rescued from the street.

Aware of the rumors about the enmity between dogs and cats, the woman hesitated to introduce them and even keep them in the same house. But her pets showed her that friendship and love can overcome any barrier, even those that are thought to be impossible to overcome.

As soon as they met, these animals formed a deep bond and now it is impossible to keep them apart.

Their friendship began with playtime. Although Wyatt can get a little rough when he nibbles on Wesley’s ears, the big dog is incredibly patient and loves his little friend.

“Not only do they play with each other, but they have developed some human characteristics that will make you laugh,” says Maria.

“Wesley’s face, for example, is naturally expressive. It’s like a cartoon character. You can always tell what he’s thinking,” she said.

As for Wyatt, he also has some strange but adorable habits. “Every time he and Wesley hug, the cat’s purr is so loud that it could wake up the neighbors,” says his proud owner.

“I think I was attracted to both of them because of their strange characteristics,” Maria said. “And I think that’s also why they get along so well. They are both such special souls.”

Days after meeting each other, these animals started spending all their time together. They eat together, sleep next to each other, and play whenever they can.

This beautiful and unlikely relationship was documented from the beginning on an Instagram account, where over 170,000 people follow their adventures.

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