The Baby Who Was Beaten For Being “Dumb” Was Too Embarrassed To Turn Around, And He Felt The Ground Move

When a little puppy is born into the world, she is unable to fend for herself. She needs her mother’s protection and feeding, says ilovemydogsomuch.

Unfortunately, this young puppy was kidnapped by her mother and mistreated by a vicious man. The dog was then abandoned with no one in sight.

The tiny victim lay on the ground, his wounds gaping. Her wounds drew over a thousand maggots, which were implanted in her flesh. They kept eating at her body. She was in dire need of a guardian angel.

Fortunately, someone saw the small pooch and immediately rushed her to the clinic. Lora was the puppy’s name given by the Good Samaritan. They didn’t hesitate once Lora was at the vet. She required immediate medical attention. First, they shaved Lora’s wound area so that it could be properly treated. It was then watered and thoroughly cleaned of any maggots.

Luckily, Xrays revealed that Lora’s hind legs weren’t broken but she would need lots of physical therapy. Her wounds also had to be watched closely. Even on antibiotics, an infection could still be an issue. Everyone at the vet clinic fell in love with the little pup. She was always so brave.

The clinic reached out to a local woman and asked if she could be Lora’s medical foster mom. She agreed! The puppy would sleep in a nice home and return to the vet as often as needed. Even though this was great news, the vet soon realized that Lora is completely blind and deaf. Lora was also diagnosed with some liver issues, but regardless of the news, no one was giving up on Lora.

As if Lora didn’t already have enough difficulties, the vet determined that she lacks a sense of smell. Lora’s sense of smell would help her navigate the world despite her blindness and deafness. This was undoubtedly a setback. Lora will have many obstacles in the future, but she is adored right now. And love really can make a difference. Lora’s medical foster mother is currently doing all she can to help her flourish.

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