The Dog Was Sent To Be Euthanized, But One Inmate Hugged Her Tightly

Pet advocates rescued Esther from a disgusting puppy factory. Esther had clearly been neglected, tormented, and isolated in a terrible manner, as she sought to hide when she encountered people!

However, any dog with a case like Esther is usually killed, but the rescuers felt that they might save her.
They named a program “Prison-trained K-9 Companion Program,” which is known to enable offenders to deal with repairing the most heinous cases of pet maltreatment.

The inmate that was accountable of recovery Esther was Jason Mayo. Jason did a wonderful job by educating her to be loyal.
Esther was always rewarded with cuddles and also kisses, which gave a wonderful role in her recovery.

The good news is, she was totally changed into a dog who loves people.

That’s was the turning point in her life as she was after that taken on by a great household!

Enjoy the video clip listed below.

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