The story of the homeless pit bull who brought the little boy out of the river

Residents of a small village in Russia worried about the appearance of an unwanted guest – a stray pit bull of impressive size. The animal was creeping all over the place, and naturally, everyone tried not to meet him, although he had not behaved aggressively.The story of the homeless pit bull who brought the little boy out of the river

An elderly woman living down the street named Zinaida vowed that she would definitely try to help him if she encountered the pit bull. As she walked home from the store with purchases, the considerable dog appeared in her way.

You could tell the dog was well cared for, but he was skinny because he hadn’t eaten for a long time. The lady approached him, and the dog, in turn, wagged its tail and began to sniff the bags, hoping to get something to eat. Zinaida gave her something to eat and called her home. The dog followed the lady and entered the garden of her house. Zinaida gave him a bowl of food and water and put an old blanket over the doorstep for the dog to lie down on.

Zinaida’s neighbor started to frighten the woman upon seeing the dog by saying that it was a pit bull, a fighting dog, and dangerous to keep it.

But Zinaida and Bass, that’s what she called the pit bull, became best friends. In the evenings, Zinaïda told her life story to Bass, and Bass listened to her attentively. Bass was very loyal and kind.

In the summer, Zinaïda’s daughter visited her with her husband and two boys, aged 8 and 12. The boys loved the dog and started playing with him.

On one of the hot sunny days, the children went for a walk to the river, which flowed beside the village. Bass wanted to go with them but Zinaida was afraid he would get lost so she tied him up.

The boys were playing by the river when the younger brother slipped and fell into the river. He didn’t know how to swim so the river carried him farther and farther from the shore. The older brother was in a panic and screaming for help.

There was no one around. The situation was getting worse every second. Hearing the brothers’ screams, Bass pulled and broke the chain that tied him and rushed to the river. Seeing the drowning boy, he boldly threw himself into the water. The little boy held on to his collar, and the dog pulled him over the edge.
When the others arrived, they saw the two brothers hugging each other in tears and beside Bass with his necklace and the end of the chain torn.

This is how the dog, from whom everyone was turning away except Zinaida, thanked her for her kind heart and saved her grandson’s life. Bass turned out to be a hero and the whole village recognized him.

This story proves to us once again that there are no more loyal friends than “our little brothers” who can boldly sacrifice themselves for us. Take their example and appreciate their love and friendship.

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