This 18-Year-Old Pit Bull Has The Cutest Smile

A happy, grateful mother of three dogs tells the tale of how her 18 year old pit bull Poe has given her many love and joy.

Poe who is the great-grandma of her family is the sweetest with the largest smile, and has never failed to shower her kids with kisses.


Jill Paukstis, her forever mom shares that she saw a picture of Poe on Facebook, an 11-year-old girl sitting behind bars at animal control and she decided to rescue her.

Her family had dumped her and every time her mom touched her she flinched.

Her mom thought that she would be in hospice foster as she was so old and could hardly walk, but in the company of her other two dogs, Finn and Penny, she started playing with toys and slowly transformed her self.


Poe loves to give Finn and Penny a bath and cleans their ears and they let her do it because she is like a mother to them.

They go to daycare where they get to mix with other dogs there and although she doesn’t play much with them but monitors them well.

Speaking about her progress her proud mom says that she is the first one to go out the door and the first to return back home. She runs up the stairs so fast for dinner and is literally living her best life now.


Her mom has an important message that senior dogs are the greatest dogs and that everybody should give them a chance. She ends up by saying that rescuing a senior dog, is the most fulfilling thing she has done.

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