As she leaves the shelter, this pit bull puppy amazes everyone with her happiness

Even though her life had not been easy, this pitbull puppy astonished everyone at the Douglas County Animal Shelter with her cheerfulness. Matilda was in critical medical condition when she was brought here. Her tail, on the other hand, never stopped wagging.

Santina Sanders, a volunteer at Douglas County Animal Shelter, shared a video of Matilda on Facebook, showing the dog’s enthusiasm. She gave the most sweetest kisses,” the volunteer told The Dodo. “She was the cutest thing ever. ”

But Santina wasn’t the only person impressed by Matilda’s joy. The rescue group Pibbles & More Animal Rescue also fell in love her. And one of the group’s coordinators, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo decided to take Matilda to a foster home. “The dictionary definition of ‘joy’ is: ‘noun: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness’ This is the picture next to that definition in the dictionary. Matilda. She is pure, pure joy,” Pibbles & More Animal Rescue wrote on Facebook.”

As expected, at the foster, the puppy shortly became loved by everyone, including Kerrie Rich. “She wags her tail so hard that she walks crooked,” Rich says. However, there still was something Matilda did not like and was collars. Rich tried to put one on Matilda, but the second it was on, Matilda’s tail stopped wagging for the first time ever. She quickly figured out the puppy’s skin was still irritated, as she was not completely healed yet.

Beside collars, Matilda really enjoys everything at her foster home. She loves napping, playing with the other puppies and  she even helps her human foster brother with his homework. “She’s hilarious and I wish I could video everything,” Rich says. “But as soon as I pick up my phone, she runs right at me!”

Matilda is indeed one happy full of joy puppy!

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