Tiny Chihuahua Puppy Adorably Teases Sleeping Dog That’s 20 Times His Size

The majority of people believe that large dogs are fierce; however, they’re primarily gentle giants who don’t know their bodies’ size and are usually terrified of shadows. The majority of dog owners are aware that their smaller dogs have the most issue with their attitude. The majority of smaller dogs are just the opposite, as they aren’t aware of how small they are.
Whatever the dimension differences, it’s adorable to see big and small dogs play with one another, especially in the young. One dog owner captured the most adorable interaction between two dogs – an American Bulldog and a tiny Chihuahua puppy.
The puppy is the puppy, and that means making new friends. This gentle bulldog lets the puppy use his tail to chew on toys. This is some serious patience.

And it doesn’t just stop there, the bulldog also lets the little puppy climb all over his face. He occasionally nudges the pup if he’s getting too rough, but for the most part, he shows a great deal of patience and care by letting the puppy play around.

It is absolutely adorable to watch as the bulldog patiently plays around with the tiny puppy. Dogs are such wonderful animals. They make the best pets and best friends.

Watch the video below, it’s sure to make you smile:

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