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Tired Of Seeing The Dog Next-Door Getting Beaten, Neighbors Call Rescuers To Save Him

A neighborhood in a rural town in China has homes that are built next to each other and have small yards in between. People can see easily what others are doing in those yards. And sometimes, they can witness some horrifying things. What alarmed the residents the most was the way a middle-aged Chinese man was abusing his dog.


The dog lived in the yard and would sometimes make a mess, as most dogs would. When the owner, who rarely takes his dog out for walks, sees the mess, he gets mad and beats the poor pooch with a stick.

The dog would cry loudly and the neighbors could hear them. Every time the stick would land on his face, they could hear the dull thud that the hit makes. The dog would yelp and howl, but would not retaliate.
The neighbors felt bad, but there was nothing they could do. It wasn’t their dog and they didn’t want to get into a confrontation with the cruel man. Eventually, one of them had seen enough and decided to get help.


Learning that the defenseless dog was regularly getting beat up, an animal welfare organization sent a rescue team to save the dog. Thankfully, the good-hearted rescuers were able to convince the owner to turn the dog over to them.

By the time they got to him, the pup’s face was very swollen. He had a cut on his brow too. The dog was weak and exhausted from all the abuse. They had to carry him all the way to the clinic.

Brain damage

The vet immediately did several tests. Aside from the obvious swelling, they discovered that the dog had a neck injury, and possibly, some brain damage. They put the injured pooch in an intensive care unit and they prescribed medication to treat his injuries. The dog needed round-the-clock care as his condition wasn’t stable.

After a few days, he was stabilized enough to be put in a regular kennel.

For the next couple of weeks, the dog stayed in the clinic. Thankfully, he was responding to the treatment and showed some progress. His wounds and injuries healed and his swelling was gone.

The dog, who they named Donggang, was brought to the organization’s shelter when he was released. He will stay there to rehabilitate and would be put up for adoption once he is ready.

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