Woman completes marathon with adorable puppy she saved during the course

Sport is great for the health of your body, and nothing can better help you stay in a healthy state than running. An enormous sports enthusiast, Khemjira Klongsanun from Bangkok, Thailand, is aware of it. In the last few years, she’s made an effort to participate in any marathon, including professional ones.

While running in a 26-mile marathon on the streets of Bangkok, the woman spotted something on the roadside. She was only on her 7th mile when she have seen a little puppy all alone. Of course, she couldn’t let her there, especially when she saw no sign of her mother or owner. Needless to say that she continued the run with her adorable companion. So for the next 19 mile, the kind woman carried the little one in her arms while running. Of course, she could have leave her with someone in the audience, but she didn’t!

After finishing the run, Khemjira returned to the spot where she find the puppy, just to be sure there isn’t sign of her mom, or other siblings. It turned out the little one truly had been there all by himself. It’s when the woman realized she might not won the race, but she made a lifetime companion, instead.

As expected, she took the dog home. Now, Nom Chom, how she called her, and her beloved fur mom are inseparable. What a story!

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