Woman Was Terrified Of Her Neighbor’s Pit Bull Until He Came To Her Rescue When She Was In Trouble

Because of their violent reputation, pit bulls don’t get a lot of love. On the other hand, Pit bulls are not all nasty; some of them are great heroes.

Simba, a kind and friendly pit bull, belongs to Arjanit Mehana of Sweden. On the other hand, Simba terrifies certain people, especially Arjanit’s elderly neighbor, who despises the pit bull. She didn’t like the dog at first, but after the hero dog saved her life, she changed her mind entirely.

Bored Panda chatted with Arjanit to discover more about Simba, including how others have reacted to the dog’s heroic gesture and how pit bulls are perceived.

“I have had Simba since he was 8 weeks old. Now he is 4 years old and is a happy little guy,” Simba’s owner explained and went into detail about what the dog loves to do. “He loves to eat Dentastix and of course what’s on my plate. In the summer, swimming is one of the biggest favorites. Like running in the woods and playing with his dog buddies.”

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Meet Simba. He’s a pit bull living in Sweden

Image credits: arjanitmehana

Simba saved his owner’s neighbor’s life

Image credits: arjanitmehana

The neighbor lives one floor below Arjanit and one day, when he and his dog were coming back home, Simba started barking and ran to the neighbor’s door. From inside the apartment, the pair heard the neighbor’s calls for help: she had collapsed on the floor and broken her hip. So Arjanit called the ambulance which took her to the hospital. If it wasn’t for Simba, the neighbor most likely wouldn’t have been found for a long time.

The elderly neighbor had fallen down and broken her hip

Image credits: arjanitmehana

Her attitude to Simba changed after the doggo helped her

Image credits: arjanitmehana

Arjanit told Bored Panda that he had no idea that the story about his doggo saving his neighbor would go viral. He said he only wanted to share some positive feedback about pit bulls with the world.

“People from different parts of the world have written and shared positive feedback,” he said.

Image credits: arjanitmehana

Image credits: arjanitmehana

According to Arjanit, he talked to one of his neighbor’s relatives and they said that she has been operated on and is now in recovery. He also confirmed to Bored Panda that his neighbor’s views about pit bulls have completely changed.

The pit bull’s owner believes that dog’s are a reflection of their owner

Image credits: arjanitmehana

Image credits: arjanitmehana

What’s more, Arjanit shared his views that it’s usually the owner, not the dog, who is at fault if the canine acts aggressively. “A labrador or a shepherd can be aggressive or kind and friendly as family dogs as any dog.”

“It is not the dog breed that is the problem, but usually the one holding the leash. Give pit bulls a fair chance,” Arjanit suggested.

Simba is very photogenic

Image credits: arjanitmehana

Here’s what people had to say about pit bulls

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