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First Time in History: Daughter of Garth Brooks, Allie Colleen, Attains Debut Top-40 Country Hit.

Allie Colleen is a rising star in the country music industry, and her success can be attributed not only to her famous last name, but also to her undeniable talent as both a singer and songwriter. Growing up the daughter of one of the biggest names in country music, Allie was exposed to the world of music from an early age. It wasn’t until she attended Belmont University in Nashville that she fully realized her passion for songwriting.

In 2018, Allie released her debut EP titled “Stones,” which showcased her unique sound and established her as a promising new artist in the genre. The EP featured five tracks, all of which were co-written by Allie herself. With her first project, Allie proved that she had what it takes to make it in the competitive world of country music.

Allie’s hard work and dedication paid off last year when she achieved her first Top-40 hit on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart with her single “Ain’t the Only Hell (My Mama Raised).” The song tells the story of growing up and learning right from wrong, inspired by the lessons imparted to her by her mother. The song’s success is a testament to Allie’s talent as a songwriter and her ability to connect with audiences through her music.

Overall, Allie Colleen’s achievements serve as proof that she has what it takes to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a major force in the world of country music.

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