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Vince Gill & Alison Krauss’s celestial voices leave me in awe. Vince’s uplifting gospel tunes inspire me

“Tryin’ to Get Over You” is a popular country music song performed as a duet by Alison Krauss and Vince Gill. It was released in 1994 as the lead single from Krauss’s album “Every Time You Say Goodbye.” The song was written by American country singer-songwriter Jerry Salley and country musician Mack Vickery.

The song features Krauss and Gill singing in harmony, with Krauss taking the lead on the verses and Gill joining in on the chorus. The lyrics tell the story of a person who is struggling to move on after a breakup, despite their best efforts. They try to distract themselves and forget about their ex-lover, but they can’t seem to shake their feelings.

The song is known for its beautiful melody and emotional lyrics. Krauss and Gill’s voices blend perfectly together, creating a hauntingly beautiful sound that captures the pain and sadness of heartbreak. The instrumentation is also noteworthy, with acoustic guitar and mandolin adding to the song’s overall melancholic feel.

“Tryin’ to Get Over You” was a commercial success, reaching #5 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It also earned Krauss and Gill a Grammy Award nomination for Best Country Vocal Collaboration. The song remains a beloved classic in the country music genre, showcasing both artists’ incredible talents and their ability to convey emotion through music.

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