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Stapletons Meet Dwight Yoakam for a ‘Seven Spanish Angels’ Performance

At the 50th Annual CMA Awards in 2016, an unforgettable collaboration occurred, leaving an indelible mark on the world of country music. Country icons Chris Stapleton and Dwight Yoakam joined forces to deliver a soul-stirring rendition of “Seven Spanish Angels.” This ballad, originally a duet by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson in 1984, was performed amidst a setting adorned with Edison bulbs and rustic decor, creating a perfectly harmonized ambiance that mirrored the song’s fusion of country, folk, and blues elements.

The song “Seven Spanish Angels” is celebrated for its emotionally charged narrative, weaving a tale of love, loss, and redemption set against a backdrop of conflict and resolution. Its lyrics, steeped in the tradition of country music storytelling, poignantly depict the final, desperate moments of a couple facing a dire threat. This narrative encapsulates the quintessential spirit of country music’s ability to tell stories that deeply resonate with its audience.

The performance commenced with Chris Stapleton’s distinctively raw vocal power, instantly captivating the audience. Adding to this was Morgane Stapleton’s potent harmonies, which further enhanced the depth and impact of the performance. When Dwight Yoakam took over in the latter half, the seamless chemistry between the artists shone through, especially as Stapleton returned to join in the closing chorus. This rendition was more than a homage to the original singers; it was a celebration of timeless music’s ability to transcend age and bring together artists from different eras.

The audience’s reaction was overwhelmingly enthusiastic, culminating in a well-earned standing ovation. This moment represented the essence of country music magic, where every component, from the powerful vocals to the evocative setting, amalgamated to forge an unforgettable experience. This highlight of the CMA Awards underscored the depth and emotive power of country music, showcasing its rich heritage and its profound capacity to stir emotions through its narrative and melodies.

This collaboration among Chris Stapleton, Dwight Yoakam, and Morgane Stapleton at the CMA Awards exemplified the unifying and inspiring power of music. It served as a poignant testament to the enduring appeal of “Seven Spanish Angels,” a song revered in the country genre for its captivating story and emotional depth, and the enduring legacy of its narrative in the heart of country music.

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