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Randy, the country music legend with a golden voice. Rest in peace, dearly missed and blessed by God

Country music icon Randy Travis paid tribute to his friend and fellow legend George Jones by performing “Amazing Grace” at his funeral in 2013. Travis, who had been struggling with his own health issues at the time, managed to make a rare public appearance to honor Jones, who passed away at age 81 after a long and storied career in the music industry.

Travis’ emotional rendition of “Amazing Grace” was met with tears and applause from the mourners gathered to say goodbye to Jones. The song choice was particularly poignant, as it is often sung at funerals as a way of offering comfort and hope in times of grief and loss.

Travis and Jones had been close friends for many years, with Travis even citing Jones as one of his biggest influences when he began his own career in country music. The two legends had collaborated on several occasions over the years, including recording a duet of “A Few Ole Country Boys” in 1990.

Despite his own struggles with health and personal issues, Travis remains beloved by fans of country music and is widely regarded as one of the genre’s greatest voices. His performance at Jones’ funeral was a fitting tribute to a man who had helped shape the sound of country music for generations.

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